Commercial waste

We offer specialist recycling and waste management services for items that should not be disposed of with your general waste and recycling.

Secure / confidential waste

With the continuing need for businesses to protect their data, secure disposal of confidential material is an essential service. We confidentially destroy all sensitive products and/or data and provide you with proof of destruction.

Clinical waste

We manage collection and disposal of clinical, healthcare and veterinary wastes from clinics, businesses and individuals.

Waste oil

The Isle of Man waste oil scheme provides collection, disposal and tank rental for waste oils for both regular waste generators or on-off disposals.

Hazardous waste

This is a service for any hazardous waste generated on the island be it large or small. We provide services ranging from waste management consultancy and auditing to packaging and labelling for transport and delivery to authorized disposal sites.


Contact us to find out how we can help you to best dispose of your waste.

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