Energy recovery

The Isle of Man energy-from-waste facility was designed to convert all non-recyclable waste generated on the island into energy.

The facility exports around five megawatts of electricity – around 10% of the island’s electricity needs. You can see the latest figures here.

Opened in 2004, the facility comprises two incinerators. The primary incinerator processes household waste and also has a water-cooled grate that allows old tyres to be incinerated, as well as a bulky waste shredder for large items of furniture. The secondary incinerator processes up to 5,000 tonnes of clinical, animal and oil waste. There is also an on-site laboratory to ensure the highest environmental and operational standards are maintained.

Rainwater that falls on the site is captured for use in the process and all the water we use gets recycled. This reduces the demand for mains water by 40% and means there is no need for a water discharge from the facility.

25500 megawatt hours
electricity generated for the Manx Electricity Authority
50000 tonnes
waste handled at the facility each year

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