What we do

Managing the Isle of Man’s waste effectively and responsibly is critical, both for the community and the environment. That’s why we work to promote reuse and recycling, and convert the remaining waste into energy.

Our overall objectives are to minimise the amount of waste that’s sent to landfill, turn non-recyclable waste into energy through energy-from-waste and follow European best practice.

We process the island’s domestic and commercial waste at the energy-from-waste facility that we designed, built, and operate, and generate 10% of the island’s electricity. The facility’s state-of-the-art technology and onsite laboratory ensure the highest environmental and operational standards are maintained.

You can see the electricity generation figures here and the emissions monitoring information here or download our latest annual report for an overview of the previous year at the facility.

For information on which waste can be accepted for treatment at the Isle of Man energy‑from‑waste facility and which cannot, see our Waste Acceptance Criteria.

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